Finally Free Women’s Bible Study



Are you being held prisoner by your past? Do you need practical help to overcome the fear, rejection, low self-esteem, anger, and anxiety that are robbing you of the hope-filled future that God has planned for you? Teacher and author Jennifer Kostyal presents the biblical and spiritual path to freedom from your painful past to enjoy a peace-filled future. This practical, seven-week study course is the next step in your journey toward freedom from the pain that has bound you to your past, so you can enjoy the future God has designed for you.

Created as a stand-alone companion to the best-selling book, Finally Free: Living in Peace by Releasing Your Past, this Bible study will walk you through the important steps to obtain your freedom. It provides the scriptures and tools that will allow you to strip off the layers of hurt, sorrow, betrayal, failure, and rejection that have defined your past and will enable you to become free—and stay free—in your future.


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