Taking off the Robes Women’s Bible Study



We all wear “robes” that we have grown so accustomed to that we do not even realize that we are wearing them. At age four, Jennifer began wearing the robe of perversion after a member of her extended family began sexually molesting her for a period of over ten years. The enemy then began placing upon her many other “robes,” which she thought were part of who she was. Over the next seven weeks, join Jennifer on this journey and depend upon the Word, the Holy Spirt, and God the Father to remove the robes that you have been wearing, so you can walk in the freedom that Jesus won for you. Through the power of God’s Word, Jennifer can now look into the mirror and no longer see the sad little girl whom no one noticed was crying out for help but a woman who realizes she has a smiling daddy in heaven who adores her. You will shed tears as you embrace this Bible study, but take heart, your Daddy in heaven will be gathering them in His bottle to give them back as sweet perfume when He converts your tears into joy!


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